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It can include hearing gossip from other employees. It can involve instances in which noninvolved employees or friends of the targeted employee bring up the subject with Human Resources to help their coworker or friend who is embarrassed to go to HR. It can also include any instance in which an employee tells HR about questionable behavior that they have witnessed.

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Provide several different ways in which an employee can make a formal charge or complaint. You will not want to make complaints to the manager or supervisor the employee's only option as this may be the individual about whom the employee needs to complain. Human Resources offices are an excellent option.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sexual Harassment | Allred, Maroko & Goldberg |

So is the CEO, president, or company owner unless they are the harasser. A manager is also a good option if he or she is not involved.

Assign a staff member to own the complaint. This individual should be knowledgeable about the organization, the people in the organization, and the history of the organization. Map out a plan that covers the important people and situations to investigate from the initial complaint. Plan the investigation, based on current knowledge. Talk with the employee who is complaining. Guarantee that he or she is safe from retaliation and took appropriate action in reporting the incident or general situation no matter what the results of the investigation found.

Sexual harassment: What managers need to know

Inform the employee that you need to know immediately about any retaliation, purported retaliation, or ongoing harassment the employee experiences. Ask the employee to tell you the whole story in his or her own words. Listen with care ; take notes to document the conversation thoroughly. Write down relevant facts such as dates, times, situations, witnesses, and anything else that seems relevant.

Ask the person to be patient while you conduct a thorough investigation. Assure the person accused that a fair and just investigation will be conducted on their behalf as well as that of the accuser.

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Interview any potential witnesses in the same manner. Interview the person who is accused of sexual harassment. Apply the same listening and respectful approach you accorded the person who filed the complaint and the other witnesses. Take all the information you received and attempt to reach a decision. Make the best decision that you can with the information you have. Consult with other HR colleagues to do the right thing. Consult with an attorney to ensure that you are looking at the whole situation fairly based on the evidence you have.

Employee’s Guide: Sexually Harassed — What Should I Do Next?

Make sure the attorney supports the direction you are taking. Based on all of the documentation and advice from colleagues and your attorney, make decisions about whether sexual harassment occurred.

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Neither of us was a supervisor then, but managers have been known to wed their staffers. Slate Executive Editor Allison Benedikt wrote a smart first-person account of marrying her boss, coupled with a nuanced call for discernment in this moment of enlightenment.

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Talk to a good sampling of folks on your staff—and weight that sample with lots of women. Ask for their input to create an event that maximizes fun and eliminates harassment. These kinds of conversations are important. Your team members hear their leader talk about what matters, far beyond protecting the company from lawsuits. Turn it into gift cards for staff. Or give it to charity. Share that decision with your employees, too.

The 3 immediate benefits to sexual harassment training

Kyle: Many organizations are going to upgrade their anti-harassment training. What should that include? The power-based frame is largely absent in more recent trainings, subsumed by the business justification. Additionally, many organizations present their one-size-fits-all anti-harassment training online, to be efficient and economical. We will focus on managing in this historic MeToo moment and changing systems that foster harassment and discrimination.

The summit will be livestreamed , so newsrooms everywhere can benefit.