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The Levant Resistance groups are not proxies in the 'paid mercenary' sense; they are organic resistance groups literally fighting for their homes and their ancestral cemeteries. For example, they call Hezbollah 'an Iranian proxy', but it's not, it's in fact a close ally of Iran — and even though it gets monetary and military support from Iran, even though it works hand in hand on many issues with Iran, it retains its independence over decision-making to do with Lebanese security, both internal and against israel.

This means, if Hezbollah decided to go to war with israel tomorrow, not even Iran can stop it. If the Hezb suddenly saw a chance to take down tel aviv quick and sharp, it won't be making a phone call to Tehran first: it would be straight up on the battlefield.

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I think it's myopic to omit mention of the 'wild card', which is the Resistance, from any mideast geoplitical analysis. Non-state resistance groups may not get a velvety invite to meet with Pompeo, but they sure are a fact on the ground to be reckoned with. Not including them in the geopolitical calculation renders the piece somewhat lacking — at best, a jigsaw puzzle missing a corner.

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In any case, it's all very well for all them international honcho Heads of State to play hi-politics and shift alliances with each other for the right price, but the thing is, non of these deals among each other mean anything when the Resistance can destroy tel aviv in 24 hours. And the Resistance would definitely fire the first bullet if the opportunity presented itself and the right conditions for big action was ripe for them.

What I mean to say is, I've reached a point where I see all this diplomatic dancing around and changing partners as being utterly pointless and inconsequential when both sides Resistance vs israel want war, but want it at a time of their own choosing. And in the meantime, all you're gonna get is a lot of political barn-dancing at the diplomat's ball. And of course, as we already know, the Resistance is ready for war and it's actually israel that's lagging behind. And it will forever remain in the lag, never ready for war without literally sacrificing tel aviv and beyond. The Resistance already has them snookered.

Sure the jews have guns that can do a lot of damage, but their super guns can't deliver them a victory.


It's really so mind boggling: the more weaponry israel gets, the weaker it gets. Lucky strike that just now I came across this analysis below by Alijah Magnier so I'm able to provide you with an example to compare with Alistair Crooke's analysis above. To me, Magnier's analysis is the one that's more relevant because it takes into consideration the Resistance equation. He gets it right because he's actually on the ground, living in the region like I am , and seeing for himself all the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle and not just most of it.

DON'T Shoot Your SECRET Teammate Challenge!

Check it out — it's a shorter piece than Crooke's but hands you the reader active and consequential information:. They sure do hate everyone else. Their total lack of empathy for anyone but their own, their total dislike of all others enables them to exploit gentiles to the maximum for their own benefit. From shooting Palestinians dead in cold blood without a shred of conscience, to so called holocaust reparations, to slum housing, the list is endless. But, Bornajoo, do you really think jews love one another?

No they certainly don't love one another. There is nothing but hatred and infighting within the larger group and if their energy wasn't directed outwardly towards gentiles they'd wipe each other out in no time. For example, when an outsider strolls through a Jewish area and sees lots of Jews walking around their ghetto, they immediately assume that this is one big cohesive, joined up group. Actually nothing is further from the truth.

First you have the big separation between Ashkenazi and Sephardi. However within each community there is a subdivision of a whole number of smaller groups.

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Not only do they not talk or communicate with each other, they actually hate each other. Most outsiders are unaware of this. Bornajoo, here in the Levant, you can literally throw a stone in any direction and it would hit a trained 'resistor'. They're everywhere now! And they ain't going anywhere till they get what is rightfully theirs.

Any mideast geopolitical analysis piece that doesn't include reference to this growing resistor block fails to educate the reader at full capacity. Four million ready resistors is not exactly a trifling number — these determined and well trained fighters are in fact a most lithe and limber Super Force: highly trained yet unburdened by State red tape or international law as they are a 'non-state actor', free to do whatever the fuck they want at a moment's notice.

Nassrallah in his latest speech which I linked to above , stated that the Hezb has powerful weapons that if forced into using would "completely change the face of the middle east".


I'm pretty sure he means that israel won't exist after the next war. And nor would Saudi Arabia — yay! But really, these resistors don't give a shit what Western media says or doesn't say about them — mention them or not, they don't give a fuck.

They're trucking on with dedication and purpose and keeping their eyes sharply focused on a single, finite target: israel. I love this man's fluid, unpretentious, truth-loving mind — great yarn and stream maestro:. Plastic Recycling and Jousting Jews. This man's perceptive work will one day be vindicated.

Suivre l'auteur

He will be regarded in the future not as an antisemite, but as a pioneering 21st century expert on jewish malice. He will write successful and acclaimed books on this subject in his sunset years. Soon as tel aviv falls, I'd advise him to seek reparations from the brute jews in academia and publishing to last the next three generations of his progeny.

Why fucking not?! Not a single jewish lobby or group the world over will have either a moral or cultural leg to stand on with the burning down of the synagogue of satan. When tel aviv dies, the shekel dies — and when the shekel dies, the shekeling dies with it. Gilad Atzmon's work too will be especially vindicated.

He too will become a respected authority on the whys and wherefores of jewish spleen. Many other Athenians and talented, honest thinkers too will join them in reputation when israel is dead and well buried and its compulsion for destroying Gentility has been effectively neutralized. As usual, lickspittles all, they bend down to the smear and slime brigade, so there will be no-one to vote for in I refuse to participate in a rigged operation.

Oh gag me puleeez! I couldn't even get past the headline and picture, let alone force my mouse to click-play the video. No — I honestly cannot watch these hideous janitors all shitting in unison. And the time before that I voted not. And the time before that too: not votee-vote.

We vote in the homesteads and tel aviv counts our votes. Slimy lies and liars everywhere. Watching jews slow-mo stab democracy itself with an American dagger. People who want to be free of the jewish noose need to start understanding that only the destruction of tel aviv will do the job. In fact, it's the the only thing that will produce both immediate and lasting results. I don't say this as a spooky warmonger, I say it as a pragmatic tactician tasked with facing the very substance of evil. And if anyone out there has a better proposition on how to stop the insane march of the jews, then please, pretty please with cherry tomato on top, do share it out here in a comment.

I'm open to ANY other proposition that alters this lunatic direction that jews are taking the world in. Whether American patriots like it or not, we have a converging interest with the Hezb and they sure are way ahead of us in readiness.

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We are the cow whose fat udders are being milked sore by greedy, disloyal, opportunistic Jews. Even Russian Jewish oligarchs are allowed to exploit us — just ask the creepy Chabadists who regularly dine with Jared and Ivanka. It's a free-for-all-jewish all-grab of all things American.