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Comfort's Scientific Facts in the Bible. The first line of the foreword: "I hope you are skeptical. This, coming from the guy whose mind remains firmly closed to anything beyond his religious bubble, while at the same time remaining utterly unskeptical of anything that fits with his religious beliefs. That is known as pseudoskepticism , not skepticism. Ray begins by dodging questions by demanding definitions for certain words. Ray seems to have little interest in words or definitions.

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Rather, he is looking specifically for definitions that help his case , such as his particular definition of "science" to simply mean "with knowledge. It's not just "knowing" things, which is what Ray Comfort often implies all science is about.

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In other instances regarding words, Ray stays as vague as he can instead of using unambiguous words. For example, he never defines "kinds"; he only gives examples what a "kind" is. So if Kind means the same as a Family, then by Ray's argument, humans and gorillas are the same "kind. Ray reminds readers that history has shown science wrong several times and what we know now may be laughed at in a hundred years. The best thing about science is that it is a self-correcting system. When new data and evidence are discovered, our knowledge expands and new models must be made to fit the evidence.

Even in a hundred years, if future generations discover something unknown to us, it will be very little embarrassment to us. As we stand on the shoulders of giants right now to help us look further, all future generations will be standing on our shoulders. Laughter will be among the last things that crosses their minds upon discovering something new, since it is our work that helped them look farther than we can see. And when history or science shows how incorrect the Bible is in the same way Not just with reality , but with other sections in the same book , believers take offense , handwave the inconsistencies, or pull a bigger escape hatch than " It's been wrong before!

Ray recalls his debate with a member from American Atheists. When Comfort mentioned that medical facts existed in the Bible a hundred years before they were discovered, the audience laughed at him. Ray thinks if the medical facts were accurate, then that provides proof the Bible is supernatural in origin. However, he doesn't check to see if these medical facts were discovered before the authors wrote about it. He also seems to forget that germ theory isn't in the Bible; in fact, passages in the Bible suggest that diseases are instead caused by demons.

Comfort says the Bible does not defend itself. Later, he says that other religions Mormons, Muslims, Buddhists have certain prophecies, but according to Ray none of them have been proven, nor do their sacred books contain scientific knowledge in fact they contain things that are clearly unscientific.

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Sure, but the same is true for Christianity. Christianity is unscientific by the sheer fact that it says a supernatural being created the earth magically, and that because God is omnipotent he is specifically untestable. Also the Bible not infrequently contradicts science, saying for instance that rabbits chew the cud, that insects have four legs, and that letting sheep see different colors in a field will affect the color of their progeny.

The Bible does defend itself, stating in places that the things it says are self-evident or that only fools don't believe it. It also includes a number of prophecies which have failed to come true, not least Jesus's prophecy that the End Times would come within the lifetime of his Disciples. Before moving on, Ray tries to provide an argument in which he must use the Bible he says this is not circular reasoning.

Would you let a Muslim get away with claiming that the Quran proves the Quran? The Bhagavad-gita 7. No sacred or mythological text should be taken as true just because it says it is; what is required is independent tangible evidence. Ray asks if the reader believes in some of the stories in the Bible.

Comfort says if you are an atheist, of course you don't because God "has chosen foolish, weak, base, and despised things of the world to confound those who think they are wise. Basically, Ray is admitting that his God is a deliberate deceiver.

If God did design everything this way, then how can he punish his creations for acting in accordance with how they were made? Ray and Christianity would love to have people act like children who do not use or practice critical thinking. People should cherish their intellectual ability; it's the best tool we have.

It is therefore not surprising that Christianity would teach that God designed wisdom as foolish. Instead of actually presenting some evidence, Ray uses an analogy. Imagine you are looking at a luxury liner moving through calm waters, and suddenly some people jump off the boat onto small life boats. The rest, including yourself, calls them foolish. Until suddenly the luxury boat sinks, then you see the fools who jumped off earlier were wise, and those who stayed on were fools.

Ray urges the readers to consider the proof of Christianity provided in this book. This analogy doesn't even work on its own terms. Ships don't just sink out of the blue — you would see some evidence of it, such as a giant wave, hull breach, alarm, or announcements from the crew about impending evacuations. The early lifeboat jumpers in Ray's example unrealistically leave the ship in the absence of evidence that it's sinking; by the same logic, Ray expects unbelievers to repent in the absence of evidence of a biblical Rapture actually being imminent.

Should we sign on with Islam because someone claims that prophesies in the Quran are about to come true? Or is that silly because This is due to a simple observation of the stars moving around the pole star due to the Earth spinning. Anyone who watches the stars on a clear night notices this. This has been known since antiquity.

The common belief back then was NOT that the Earth rested upon some creature's back. That is a myth and Ray provides no reference to any source to support this claims on history. Very likely, Ray heard the Hindu myth that the Earth rests on the back of an elephant, which stood on the back of a giant turtle that swam around in the cosmic sea. Or perhaps the Greek myth of Atlas the Titan holding the world sky on his back. Either way, Ray Comfort is factually wrong and misleading his audience when he says "science back then believed X" when the truth is he is addressing what mythologies believed centuries ago, not what science and scientists proposed.

Plato , in the Timaeus, provides us with an account of the creation of the universe, which includes a spherical, free-floating Earth.

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Finally, this passage of Job is contradictory to Job , which refers to Earth having a foundation and footings. Then there is Job which says heaven is supported by pillars.

Many verses throughout the Bible refer to a solid firmament. The Scriptures speak of Invisible Structure Hebrews Science has recently discovered the universe is made of atoms, whereas scripture knew of this for 2, years.

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The ancient Greeks were already discussing the natural structure of the universe, including the idea of atoms; for a long time the common belief was the universe was made of four elements, but atomism emerged in the 5th century BCE with Leucippus and Democritus. Nowhere does Scripture say that matter is composed of super-microscopic particles, and in fact until the invention of the microscope, the Church insisted that nothing microscopic existed.

The verse says the Earth is a circle.

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Ray says the word chuwg translates to "circuit" or "compass" indicating a spherical not flat. Comfort says Isaiah was written between and B. Isaiah and the Bible do not support a spherical Earth. The Bible and the Science of Oceanography Psalm Ray tells a story about Matthew Maury - , who is considered the father of oceanography and discovered many things after reading this Bible verse. Maury was nowhere near the first to discover or write about currents; however, he was the first to unify all of these together into scientific writings and did make a lot of progress in the field.

In , Juan Ponce de Leon described the gulf stream. Benjamin Franklin produced a detailed map of the gulf stream in 37 years before Maury was born. Even though Maury may have produced many maps of ocean currents, it is clear that the currents' existence was known well before his time and it is highly unlikely he would have been unaware of it. Maury may have been inspired by Psalms to look for more currents, but that's hardly the same as discovering a new phenomenon based on Scripture.

The Bible and Radio Waves Job Ray says this verse tells that light can be sent and manifest itself in speech. He says that all electromagnetic radiation from x-rays to radio waves travel at the speed of light. Comfort cites James Clerk Maxwell in Modern Century Illustrated Encyclopedia 3, years later who discovered that electricity and light waves were the same thing.

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Job says "Where is the way where light dwelleth? Also, they ignore the fact that the Bible treats darkness like a substance in its own right, when in fact it's the absence of light. Also, it's Job, which, once again, is a very poetic part of the Bible. They also ignore Job "That thou shouldest take it to the bound thereof, and that thou shouldest know the paths to the house thereof?

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The Bible and Entropy Isaiah , Psalm , 26 and Hebrews indicate the earth is wearing out, and concludes this is about the Second Law of Thermodynamics the law of Increase Entropy and defines it as: that in all physical process, every ordered system over time tends to become more disordered. This is false. The second law of thermodynamics does not say that everything leads to disorder.