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Or, it has been called the "Kaiser Edition," because the German Emperor sponsored the undertaking from the very start.

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Today 52 parts of it are complete in 60 volumes, to which must be added the volumes containing the German Bible and the table-talk at present five volumes , which are counted separately. Much was also accomplished here in the way of printing, something which only he can appreciate who knows a little of the typographical difficulties in connection with a work of this kind, and who, like the writer of this, has had an opportunity to look into the different phases of the proof sheets. Mueller, J. Ficker, Thiele, Koffmane, Kroker and Brenner. After the appearance of every single volume Kolde wrote a valuable and thoroughly critical review in the "Goettinger Gelehrte Anzeigen.

Beginning with editions have also been published to meet the requirements of the cultured home , for the great critical Weimar edition can never be common property, for the reason that it is too voluminous and expensive, and because of its entire arrangement.

I shall only direct attention to the three volumes, "Luther als ein Klassiker" Frankfurt, , to the three small volumes, "Martin Luther ausgewaehlt und erlaeutert durch R. Neubauer" Halle, , to the volume "Luther's Werke, ausgewaehlt fuer das Volk und herausgegeben von J. Boehmer" Stuttgart, All of these are excelled by an edition of Luther, undertaken by Buchwald, Kawerau, Koestlin, Rade, Schneider and others, printed by C. Its introduction takes special cognizance of the situation, as created by Janssen.

Here we read: "Today it is being attempted not to cause external strife among the German people, but internal.

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With a dazzling show of scientific research, the ground is being undermined, from which every German hitherto drew his nourishment. The attempt is being made to draw down into the mire the men and their intellectual works for which other nations envy us.

But, you German people, will not allow yourself to be robbed of them, as long as you understand them; you will understand them as long as you read them; you will read them as long as you retain the freedom that Luther pried loose for you. It offers the Latin writings in a good German translation, gives short historical introductions, contains explanatory notes, and represents, especially since two volumes have been added containing the two writings, "De Votis Monasticis" and "De Servo Arbitrio," a selection through which one may actully learn to know Luther as he lived.

Above all things, no German Lutheran parsonage in America, if it holds no larger edition, should do without the services of this selection. It is by no means to be considered as a competitory undertaking, when that careful investigator of Luther, Otto Clemen , who since through articles concerning the different phases of the life and work of Luther, steadily was making a reputation for himself, published a new edition of selected works of Luther by Marcus and Weber at Bonn since In the reproduction of the texts and in its concise introductions it is sometimes even more correct than the edition of Weimar at least as far as the first volumes of this work are concerned.

Neither is the selection published at Muenchen, which is still in the first stages of its making, strictly speaking, a competitory undertaking. It is since edited by H. Borcherdt, under the collaboration of Barge, Buchwald, Kalkoff, Schumann, Stammler and Thode, and is introduced by Thode's separate essay, "Luther und die deutsche Kultur" Muenchen It wishes to place the emphasis upon the writings that are of value to history in general, and to history of culture, and offers many illustrations.

From the fifteen volumes, according to the plan of its editors, we have the second before us. It contains the principal writings of and in its most excellent introduction of one hundred and eighty-six pages a fine description of the procedure of Rome against Luther up to from the pen of that thorough student, Kalkoff. In America the thanks of the church is due to the Synod of Missouri for the fact that it has undertaken and successfully completed an edition of Luther's works.

Since the Pastoral Conference of the Western District of this Synod decided in to undertake a republication of the old Luther-edition of Walch, this work began. Anno the first two volumes put in their appearance. For the antiquated Walch-edition did not only need to be reprinted, but its German volumes had to be compared with the original, its Latin volumes had to be newly translated for the greater part, and all of the introductory paragraphs had to be remolded to meet the requirements of the knowledge of the day.

Since Prof. Hoppe devoted his entire time and energy to this undertaking. Easter he wrote the preface to the last, the twenty-third, volume, which contains the valuable "Hauptsachregister," also the index for sayings, together with corrections and appendices. This edition should be prized more highly in our land than is generally the case. True, it does not meet the requirements of a learned Luther-scholar, but at the same time what an accomplishment the translations reveal!

For example, Kawerau has the following to say concerning Hoppe's translations of the Latin letters: I have examined a part of the newly translated letters of Luther, and have found them almost always reproduced in faithful and trustworthy manner, even there where difficulties were to be overcome. Hoppe's work concerning the table-talk vol. As late as Tschackert said: "The best edition, until now, the one of Foerstemann and Bindseil, is far excelled in point of critical selection and careful use of the known sources i.

Even if the following statement of Kroker Weimar edition, Table-Talk, vol. Literaturblatt' had laid special emphasis on his demand for a recognition of Hoppe's accomplishment: "But the translations are so excellent that one can only lament the fact that the rejuvenated Walch could not translate Dietrich's notes, Schlaginhaufen's book, Lauterbach's diary for , the Matthesian collection of and other notes in the same manner like the collection of Cordatus and Lauterbach's diary for ; among the footnotes also are several propositions, well worthy of mention, for improvement of the text.

The English-speaking branch of the American Lutheran Church also busied itself with the works of Luther. First of all Dr. By Raymond de Souza, KM. He was elevated to the rank of Cardinal in His Eminence kindly agreed to write the Preface, for which I am indeed most grateful.

It will be published in the German edition. An English translation of his preface will be available in due course.

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Her Majesty is also the official Head of the Church of England. A copy of the book was sent to Buckingham Palace as a gift to her Majesty, as a fraternal and respectful reminder of the union which England and Rome shared for well over one thousand years. It was accompanied by a letter in which I expressed my concerns for the Christian future of Europe, in view of the current massive Islamic migration. I expressed to Her Majesty my strong belief that, unless all baptized Christians in Europe reunite once again under one Lord, one Faith, and one Baptism Ephesians in the One Church of God, the Pillar and Mainstay of the Truth 1 Timothy , there is much to fear about the Christian future of Europe.

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I am most grateful to His Eminence Gerhard Cardinal Muller and His Excellency Bishop Athanasius Schneider for their kind contribution to the promotion of this ground-breaking study to refute the heresies of Martin Luther and to promote the authentic ecumenism of bringing all Christians together in the One Church of Christ, the pillar and mainstay of the Truth 1Tim. For more information and media interviews, please contact SacredHeartMedia outlook.

Thank you so so much for this ——- so many Catholics just dont know the truth… and are confused…. What an interesting article! I am eager to read the book. Thanks for the link to the website.

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