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Nica immediately tried to line up a concert in England for him and his band.

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Further, the qualities she became known for in the jazz world — a joie de vivre, an all-in passion to serve when the cause struck her, and a relative disdain for all the opulent trappings of both her youth and her marriage — had actually been on display all along throughout her life. The Baroness is, beyond its biographical nature, a story about family: how it shapes us, the mark we leave within it, the sense we make of the stories it leaves us, the reasons beneath the stories we bury. It seems to an outsider that Rothschild did the family proud by pursuing who Nica was and telling her story with passion and investment although there are relatives who to this day will, apparently, never admit it.

Indeed, her most essential point is that Nica was, in her own way, very much a Rothschild. They make it possible for those still struggling with the weight of tradition to imagine themselves within it. She keeps the focus here on her great-aunt, who led a remarkable life by any measure.

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What kind of algorithms are generating the content in your feeds? Best read Elizabeth Losh's Hashtag. It was early in the research process for my biography of Nica. In , the 22 year-old heiress and avid aviatrix took a solo hop across the English channel where she met her future husband, the Baron Jules de Koenigswarter, a fellow pilot and member of the French Jewish aristocracy. Following a whirlwind courtship, the newlyweds settled into a 17th century chateau outside Paris and started a family.

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Following the war, Jules, a war hero and recipient of the Croix de Guerre , became a diplomat, and it was during his stint as Ambassador to Mexico that the Baroness made the decision to escape what had become a dysfunctional relationship. She also became a source of material aid and comfort for musicians who were either strung out, or simply down on their luck, and her Stanhope suite became a hour jazz salon where musicians could hang out and spin records on her state-of-the-art hi-fi.

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