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John has to be one of the most quoted verses in the Bible. It does appear to capture the essence of the Gospel quite well. It contains a positive message of love, forgiveness and self-sacrifice on the part of God. Who wouldn't like to know that God loves them and has nothing but divine well wishes towards them. You would think Jesus Himself intended for John to be the catchy slogan and mission statement for His ministry. At least many Christians think so.

First Principles of Preaching: The Exegetical Imperative (Part 4)

They see evangelism as the sharing of divine love, and their God given mandate is to tell a world who are ignorant of God's affection towards them. God is very much like the shy school boy who has his heart set on the prettiest girl in his class, and Christians are his best mates trying to help out a God who is so madly in love with the sinners. Well intentioned Christians help Him write sonnets, draft love letters on His behalf and try to capture the wayward sinner's attention. Many desperately try to secretly meet her felt needs and give the credit to all powerful, all knowing God.

Paul frequently prayed for those to whom he ministered Phil.

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It is wrong for me to complain about bored listeners if I am not praying for them to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ. This is critical for me to keep in mind, because this is a prime opportunity to find out if they desire more discipleship.

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Are they willing to be individually discipled in the Word by me or another mature Christian from our church? If so, pairing them with someone who can disciple them can be a great solution.

But since spiritually dead people are unable to grasp the truth of God like believers are 1 Cor. There may be other reasons why some people think a sermon is too long, but to get back to our original question:. He explained that a sermon should last:. As long as it takes to cover the passage adequately! I do not think the length of the sermon is as important as its content. The important thing is to cover the main points so that people are convinced of its truth and comprehend its requirements.

18 steps to prepare and preach an efficient biblical message

If you have nothing worthwhile to say, even twenty minutes will seem like an eternity to your people. The message must last long enough for the text to be rightly explained and the practical implications properly developed. Depending on the length of the passage, it is difficult to imagine this being done well in 20 minutes. The more believers understand His Word, the more they will see how glorious He truly is.

Here is the simple reason I believe churches should not constrain their pastors to preach short sermons—the better a person understands the Word of God, the more they will grow spiritually 1 Pet. This is a basic principle of Christian living, but it is ignored by many. I understand that the brain can only absorb what the seat can endure.

How to Seek the Holy Spirit – John Piper

The more they understand His Word, the more they will see how glorious He truly is. And the more they behold His glory, the more they will be transformed into His image 2 Cor. How long can your sermon be without losing the attention of the congregation? Some of that depends on who the preacher is, some of it depends on how long the passage is, but most of it depends on how well the preacher knows the text.

Sermons on Spiritual Growth

In short, if the preacher knows the text well and can hold the attention of his flock, he can preach for as long as he likes. To learn more about everything from hermeneutics to homiletics, see our guide: Handling Scripture. Brian Biedebach April 20, And as I considered how they may have come to their conclusion, I arrived at the following possibilities: I might be in a preaching rut.

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  • I might not be studying the passage long enough. I might not be praying enough. They may not be used to expository preaching.