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The only exception to this rule is if you set the price so low that it becomes appealing to some people who will buy it just for the parts. If your car is in good working condition, you want to be able to prove it to potential buyers by having service and repair records on hand. Curb appeal is a phrase typically reserved for the real estate industry, referring to what a home looks like to people looking at it from the curb.

But it also applies well to selling a used car. Give your car a quick wash-down and then really take a hard look at it. Do you think you can make it look like new on your own?

If you do have the right cleaning products and have the time to put some elbow grease into it, by all means knock yourself out with a thorough DIY-detailing job. We gave pointers on how to do this in our previous article on how to get the most money for your car. Setting the right price is another key factor in how long it takes you to sell a car. But you still have to sink a lot of time and effort into prepping the car to sell it, collecting all your documentation together, writing up and posting a good ad, fielding all the inquiries, setting appointments with buyers and meeting with them, test-driving, haggling over the final price, and then making sure all the legal paperwork gets done correctly to complete the transfer of ownership.

The fastest way to execute a quick sale is at a dealership or car buying service like Driveo that will handle all the paperwork for you.

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Many dealerships will buy your car outright at whatever they decide its trade-in value is, and that amount will be significantly less than you could get by selling privately. Good car buying services like Driveo will give you a better price than a dealership, but still not as much as you might get if you sell it privately. Alternatively, your starting point for this part of the selling process should be a site that helps you determine what your car is worth, such as the Kelly Blue Book Value or the Edmunds True Market Value.

You should still look around on car selling sites to see what prices people are giving similar cars in your area. That can be a turn-off for many potential buyers. Sale as is. Car is in good Structural shape, clean.

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The title of your ad should follow this format: Year, Make, Model, Trim and whatever else you can fit into 70 characters with spaces that you think will help sell it. It does appear on the right-hand side of the page which has a few key bits of information. Turns out it is a Honda Passport. This ad could also use a grammar and punctuation makeover.

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If you want your car ad to stand out and catch the attention of potential buyers, you need to provide plenty of high-quality photos that really show your car off in the best light. Take a look at a few different professional dealership sites and look at the thorough series of photos they post for each of the used cars on their lot. Never post fewer than a dozen, and up to 24 is even better. When all you provide is a few low-quality photos, buyers will likely pass over your ad quickly and move on to others. Learn more about how to craft a smart ad and take great picture is our post on how to advertise your car.

In fact, you might be shocked at just how many inquiries you get. What you might not be prepared for is how many of those inquiries turn out to be time-wasters. Up to half of them might be aggressive dealers trying to see if they can get you to come way down on the price to get sweet deal. There are all kinds of tricky things scammers will try to do to take your car from you without really paying for it. Use your common sense.

Anyone who says they have a friend in your area who owes them money and will give you the money for the car to pay off that debt is trying to scam you. The financial part of the transaction should take place in person at a bank where you can verify the transaction. The worth of your car depends on many things. We will save you a lot of hassle. We buy cars for cash across the whole of Ireland, and we buy any car, no matter the condition. Contact us now, and we will give you an estimate.

Then, we will schedule a meeting, coming to see the vehicle. If we like it, we will give you an offer, right then and there. If you like it, you get the money right away, in cash. But, we have the best prices in Ireland, and we guarantee that you will like what you hear. At our company, all cars are wanted, no matter the condition. No more long auctions, or tiring negotiations with rude buyers who try to trick you. No more car dealers that never offer fair prices.

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With us, everything is over in the shortest time possible, to your satisfaction. Selling your car online has never been easier, contact us now and get it done quickly. To get the most money, your car needs to look its best. In this article, we will give you some ideas, suggesting you what you can do to make your car shine, literally. Stay tuned. Yes we know, your intention is to make money, not spend more on your old car. But, sometimes small repairs can do wonders, raising the price especially if you intend to sell your car privately. Some things such as slight windscreen chips can get repaired for free, through your car insurance.

Bodywork repairs are a viable option for newer cars — old cars are expected to have a few dents here and there, and you might risk too much by investing money in them.

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The more the car is worth, the more money you should invest in it, as it is more likely to return. But be careful not to go over the line. Get your car detailed. This will boost the sell value, and your investment will return, no questions asked. But, if you are so strapped for cash, at least was the car thoroughly. Wax the outside, making it shine, and vacuum everything on the inside.

And make sure you clear the glass from the inside too. This is something that is often neglected, as people think it gets dirty only on the outside. Consider replacing the mats, or buying a thick cover for the seats if they are too damaged. Also, add an air freshener, especially if you smoke.

Best ways to sell your car

It will at least temporarily hide the stench. Also, top up any fluids — oil, brake fluids, coolant. Inflate your tires properly, and check the spare tire. Doing this will leave a feeling that your car is adequately maintained, raising the cash you get for cars you sell. You need to know how much your car is worth , objectively. To do that, a good idea is to visit your local dealership and ask around. Describe your car, or show it to them, and ask how much they would give you. You will use that number later when negotiating for a price. Naturally, you will want more than that.

After all, dealers are looking to resell it, and make money. Search on eBay Motors and look how other people advertise their cars. Find one just like yours that got recently sold for a reasonable price. What can you do about it? Take a note about the description, and the pictures. Maybe you can describe your vehicle the same way, and take pictures from similar angles, to boost the price.