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Critic Reviews. Hitfix - Drew McWeeny Nov 11, This is a film that is quietly confident.

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Everything's well-composed. Everything's put together right. There's a very sure hand on the wheel here, and at this point, I'm sold on Rupert Wyatt as a guy who can tell a story with a certain kind of intelligence, both towards his subject and towards his audience.

Read full review. They sneak up and sting you, or sometimes tickle your toes. But if only they did.

The Gambler

In nearly every scene, Wahlberg carries off the central role with what could be called determined elan. Salon - Andrew O'Hehir Dec 23, Some fragments of that Dostoevskian romance linger on here: Just enough so that Wyatt and Wahlberg nail the climactic scene, when Jim is literally playing for his life, and make it momentarily seem to mean something. The Playlist - Charlie Schmidlin Nov 11, A genre exercise such as this needs invention, and while Wyatt trots out a slick stamp on proceedings with a game cast, his version never works up steam enough to render the effort worthwhile.

Observer - Rex Reed Dec 17, User Score. Write a Review. User Reviews. I give the Gambler 10 stars out of 10 I thought Mark Wahlberg was excellent as the gambler I thought his mom was superb I recommend this movie to everyone. The sound score was off the chain! I think movie is good , some parts little bit slow..

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Proteus Dec 26, Overly talky movie that improves as it goes along. You can feel the writer sitting as his desk hammering out these long monologues which never, never ever, would occur in life. And Marky Mark as an English professor is pushing it. What is next, Sasha Grey playing a nun? I think I liked the James Caan version from way back. While this one had some different plot lines, the answer to why he is the way he is, is not addressed. While I like Mark Wahlberg in action movies Planet of the Apes, Italian Job, etc in a dramatic role more talking he seems out of his element.

The worst part is the Hollywood ending. Bshop Jan 16, This review contains spoilers , click expand to view. This one should have stayed as an original, no need for a remake. In reality though this is the formula for Hollywood these days, recycle and reuse with new actors, same story.

Not much depth here, Mark Wahlberg plays a professor who has a gambling problem and gets in deep. He begs a few different characters to bail him out and end the end, sets himself free as well as his student girlfriend - played by Brie Larson. In summary, wait for rental or VOD. Not worth it at all.

The only saving grace here was Wahlberg pretending to be a professor mildly funny and a bad gambler believable. This movie was disappointing. This move however, has a few terrible flaws: 1 Mark Wahlberg as "literary genius" What does either outcome have to do with character development, message, theme.

I had high hopes, but it just fell flat. Thegodfatherson Dec 28, The Gambler had something going for it. It had a talented director- Rupert Wyatt who brought us 's Apes and a talented actor- Mark Wahlberg. But, it was an unexpected mess of a movie.

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More than once he's accused of being suicidal. The film shows that gambling harm has no regard for wealth or intellect. Despite being born into a life of privilege and being a professor of English literature, Bennett's compulsion to gamble consumes his life. Everyone around him suffers. His students. His lover. His mother, played by the stoic Jessica Lange, who rescues him one last time or so she says by withdrawing a quarter of a million from the bank to cover his debts. While she says it's the last of it, we can't help but wonder when she goes on to deny he has a 'real' problem, telling him she doesn't believe he has a disease.

The implication running through the movie is that Bennett is choosing this life and he alone is responsible for his problems. He's constantly referred to as a flawed character, a 'scumbag' with a death wish. There is only one point where the accountability of the industry and the loan sharks, who circle at any sign of blood in the water, is recognised. Mr Lee's acknowledgement that he's dealing in misery is brief but telling. As the deadline approaches, Bennett crosses the line when he asks star basketball player Lamar to help him win back the money to pay off his debts.

After earlier displaying a strong sense of ethics by saying he would not bet on his own student, this is surely the point of no return for Bennett. Lamar comes good this is an American movie after all and Bennett wins the money to stake himself in yet another game that could literally save his life.

Kenny Rogers - The Gambler 2 : The Adventure Continues (1983) [Full]

Of course he wins in a bold doublecross of the Korean casino boss and Frank the lender, and we're supposed to cheer his lucky escape but this viewer was unmoved. To hammer the point home, Bennett runs from the dark of the casino into the daylight, without a cent but alive and debt-free. The symbolism is supposed to be uplifting and positive, but one can't help but wonder if the lure of the tables will pull him back in. Bennett's denial throughout the film, declaring 'I'm not a gambler' no less than three times, leaves the viewer thinking it won't be long before he's back risking it all, and at some point there won't be a Lamar or Mum's bank account to save his sorry hide.

Edition 1: Youth and gambling. All Rights Reserved. How are you not happy? How could I, I run a gambling establishment.