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Definitely worth a mention. How to write a review on this one is hard.

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Very well written… Just… Wow. Detailed , explicit… Evocative, this is not a passive read. So, so, SO hot. I highly recommend it! I am tempted to reread this new version to compare them. Maryse, I highly recommend Priest by Sierra Simone. Six months ago, I broke my vow of celibacy on the altar of my own church, and God help me, I would do it again.

But wow, it was an awesome book! Very cold shower-worthy, lol! Not to mention some pretty scorching scenes. Please let me know if you decide to read it. Darkest of the dark reads there. Jean recommended them and MichelleS has read the first 4.

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I take loooong breaks between books. But I will finish the series. From a reader posted on Amazon: Be prepared to be disgusted, in love, angry, heartbroken for the characters in this book.

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The depth the author allows you into each head of the character is flawless and gives you no option but to put yourself in their shoes and just go along for the crazy ride. If you are even somewhat a far of Dark reads, this is definitely for you. Be prepared to be blown away and you will not be put back in your same seat once the ride is over. I have a recommendation!! Balance by Lucia Franco. It was so freaking good.

Not all books which have tried this have been successful, but when they have it is tummy twisting! Just found this website and was looking for books in this genre. Thanks for a great list.

I wanted to add one of my own. This is an amazing book about a girl falling in love with her best friends father.

Other than that this was a great story! I loved Tainted Black, as well. Wanted to let those of you who read and were unhappy with the ending of Tainted Black by Shanora Williams, she wrote a second book. One with a MUCH better ending. It is a trilogy though, so be prepared for cliffhangers. After reading this post Friday I decided to give Stanton a chance.

I have been one with my kindle since!!! It is book crack!! T L Swan did great for a debut author. I really hope people read these books!!! The feels are very real and very raw!!! I have never loved a couple so much, yet wanted to strangle them at times!!!

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This book has my emotions all over the place!! Joshua Stanton is This is definitely a 5 star read for me!! Be aware, this is not an easy love story. It will rip you apart and then slowly put you back together…. I feel the same way you do!! My family is annoyed with me!!! I will be finished tonight!!!

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It was a utterly shocking yet Pleasant Surprise. You must read it!! Book hangover of your life. It has been years since a book gave me all the feels that this one did and these words still feel inadequate to describe this book….. This book sneaks its way into your soul, grabs a hold, rips it out, and doesnt let go. Omg the Boy and His Ribbon! I bawled you guys. This will definitely be in my top 10 reads this year already.

I just finished the Ribbon Duet and holey moley that took me for a ride right down to the last heartbreaking page. I felt like I lived those pages with Della and Ren. Torn was such a good taboo read and Tied Devils Wolves Book 2 hit me with all kinds of feels.

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Go check out the amazon blurb for Torn — by Carian Cole. Like an uncle to her. I know, I know…. I must be wacked, but I loved it. Her dad is in a rock band, and they have been best friends since they were 7.

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  • I just finished All the Ugly and Wonderful Things. I reserved it at my library a while back. Not sure what I think if it. That is quite a reaction on that trilogy. Now I wanna read it. I read American Queen the day it came out and had to wait forever for the next book. I think I commented that the end chapter or two was a little eye opening for me because I had never read that being done before.

    Read them twice also. I have 3 friends reading it now: If you decide to try it, I encourage you to get a sample first. It is lendable but mine have already been claimed. And keep in mind, the premise alone is farfetched. I just checked, and I already have American Queen. Not quite the level of T.

    Okay so my imagination is way getting the best of me!!!